Ben May

Principal + Creative

My Story

Everyone has a story, our own way of seeing life. It’s what makes us unique, and it’s what drives my work. I believe successful design has meaning behind it. Meaning tells a good story, and the world needs more good stories.

I’m a creative with 15+ years of freelance, agency, and corporate experience. My background is design, art + creative direction, photography, photojournalism, and videography. I work in collaboration with other creatives as well as independently.

The Process

Using creative services as a medium to tell your story, I work to design a cohesive brand experience with quality, clarity, and consistency as our goal. Here's how it works...

DISCOVER YOUR STORY: Work with you to learn your story and the 'why' that drives it. This can include market + audience research, collecting + reviewing existing content, and capturing photography + video. All of this works together to help gain a deeper understanding of your story while providing resources to develop and produce content.

FORM YOUR STORY: Develop + design an image that clearly reflects your story. This can include branding + logo design, identity + voice development, content production, and asset creation. Form + function help determine what your story looks like and how we will tell it.

TELL YOUR STORY: Present your story in a way that is understandable, relatable, and professional. This can include web design, digital + print design, organizing + implementing content, and applying cohesive branding + design across all platforms. Presentation is everything.