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What better way to tell someone's story than to capture it on camera? I've always felt most comfortable behind a camera, and cinematography has been a natural and passionate evolution for me. In my career as a photojournalist I kind of stumbled into video, it went something like this... Ted (my Marketing Director at the time): "Your camera can shoot video, right?" Me: "Yeah... why?" Ted: "Let's start interviewing people while you're on the road, we'll use the videos on social media to tell our story from the audience's perspective." Me: "Sounds fun! I can frame a shot... how hard can it be to capture motion?" Little did I know... but all these years (and plenty of audio, focus, and frame-rate blunders) later, I've really grown to love video and the art of capturing story through cinematography. Here are a few projects I've shot along side some amazing people - both in production and on camera.

Update: I'm excited to begin a new chapter of business with a focus on Video! I will be shifting video services to a business of it's own with a new business partner and lifelong friend, Rob Ardy. This has been a dream of ours for some time and we are excited to begin pursuing it. As we organize and begin building this new brand we will be offering up some promotions to get things going, so please reach out if you or someone you know is looking for a business ID video, interview piece, or have an event that needs coverage and let's capture your story next!

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Short Story | Cinematography + Direction: Ben May | Editor: Jeremy Coleman | Client: One America Movement | Story: Rabbi Rachel Schmelkin + Pastor Tom Breeden

Business ID | Cinematography + Direction: Ben May + Jeremy Coleman | Editor: Jeremy Coleman | Motion Graphics: Ben May | Client: Gen-Tech Inc.

Training + Promotion | Cinematography + Editing + Motion Graphics: Ben May | Director: Geoffrey M. Reeves | Client: Ghostfoot Training

Event Highlights + Recap | Videography: Ben May | Editor: Jeremy Coleman | Client: Matthew 5:9 Fellowship

Customer Experience | Videography + Editing + Motion Graphics: Ben May | Client: Gen-Tech Inc. | Story: Teri Dobbs

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