Wellspring International

Art Direction
Branding + Visual Identity
Digital + Print Design
Web Design

A humanitarian organization connecting donors to grassroots projects around the world. Traveling globally to photograph and film multiple projects they support, helped me to establish a consistent visceral image for the brand, as well as set standards for future photography and design.

Working with their existing logo I didn’t want to disrupt what they had established as a 10+ year organization. Using the origami bird found in their original logo, I simplified it as a brand mark, giving it a clean and modern look while retaining familiarity. This also allowed space for a larger, more legible brand name. Next I began establishing a color palette for the brand. Years of four color printing had shifted their brand color to a shade of purple and their website and digital assets had eventually been matched to that purple. When asking if they would be open to a brighter, more neutral color to contrast some of the darker, heavier projects they work with, they responded, "We would love that! I think we originally had a really nice light blue, but somehow we ended up with purple years later." We found a blue that matched their memory, and chose a PMS swatch to keep this from happening again.

Along with imagery and color palette, a simple line-based design element added some depth and tied them into their parent brand (RZIM). I then created assets to tie the brand’s new image together: business cards, website, email templates, brochure, annual report, and more.

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