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Solutions to Power Your Life™. For over 20 years Gen-Tech Inc. has helped commercial businesses, residential homes, and even the government maintain constant power. They pride themselves on their extensive knowledge, experience, and customer service. Recent extreme weather and increased demand on local power grids has left a lot of residential homes more frequently without power. Gen-Tech has seen this first hand and wants to help.

In order to make a greater impact in the residential market, we wanted to create a better experience for the average homeowner in need of constant power. Using a few elements from their existing logo, I strove to create a new logo and brand for them that looked professional, inviting, and familiar – something both contractors and homeowners could relate to. We then created a separate website dedicated to home generator solutions. A space without the overwhelmingly large commercial information, one where customers could go straight to the answers and service they needed. To learn more about my new client and to gather content to be used with this project, I captured photos and video footage of past and present installations, as well as interviewed customers. All this and more came together in the end to create a cohesive experience across all of Gen-Tech's platforms.

It's easy to see why they have been around so long. Their customers love them and the quality and care they put into their work is hard to overlook. I'm grateful for the opportunity to help them share their story as they keep people's lights on and their lives going.

Check them out at and be sure to ask for Rick if you're in need of a solution to keep the power on in your home!

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