Visual Identity
Animated Website (Coming Soon)

It's about to get spooky with two sisters who love exploring all things paranormal! I've always had a love for the macabre side of life. Tim Burton, Vincent Price, and the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland were my constant inspirations in art school so needless to say, this was a perfect fit. I was very excited for the opportunity to create a project like this as a 'grownup' in the 'real' world.

I knew the color palette would be important. We wanted it to be scary but playful – more 'bring the kids', less 'sleep with one eye open.' With that in mind, I chose colors that were both dark and vibrant, eerie yet somehow happy. The first part I drew was the house. I love Victorian architecture and my thoughts immediately went to the cover of a favorite childhood book about a creepy old San Francisco home and a green cat. The rest followed easily from there. My wife and I love photographing old cemeteries (who doesn't?) so tombstones were a must. And of course the two sisters had to be ghosts. I polished it off with some vintage horror movie typography, giving it a vibe that would have made Bella Lugosi grin.

This project was so much fun, I absolutely could not wait to dig deeper and design their website. The animated site design is currently in progress, check out the sneak peek below... if you dare.

Give the Sisterstitious podcast a listen below and be sure to follow them on Apple Podcasts or Spotify for more spooky episodes!

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