RZIM Headquarters

Creative Direction
Branding + Identity
Digital + Print Design
Wayfinding Design

A collaboration with Czarnowski Collective in Atlanta, GA, and RZIM Executive Leadership to bring the RZIM brand to life in their global headquarters office. We wanted visitors and employees who walked through the building to feel a part of the RZIM story. RZIM’s founder was very fond of traditional chapels. He had one built into the previous office for employees to spend time in, and often spoke about his treasured antique prayer bench in his home office. We used this as the starting point. The book store was given the feel of an old chapel with wood beams, white brick walls, and colored glass tint. The wood beams were carried into other areas of the office for a consistent feel. Departments were brought to life with 3D designs representing their names, along with photographs of projects and work being supported. Quotes, room names, and words were incorporated into the building as reminders of the organization's mission. Colors were assigned to the pillars found in their mission statement (Training, Evangelism, Apologetics, Spiritual Discipline, Humanitarian Outreach). Departments coincided with the pillars so the assigned colors were used for navigation on signage and wall trim.

This was such a fun and meaningful project. While working for RZIM I designed, created, and traveled the globe documenting the ministry work and humanitarian projects being supported. I had an inside glimpse of what the organization’s work was about, and I really wanted people who visited this building to feel some of that.

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