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As 'Marketing Manager, Creative' for RZIM I worked to formalize and maintain our global brand standards. RZIM had offices in 15 countries, spread over 6 continents. The challenge we faced was that our brand lacked continuity across offices and media platforms, both in image and voice. With quality and consistency as the goal, I wanted our brand to be unified while also allowing for cultural influences and relativity within each of the unique regions.

Collaborating with FiveStone Design Agency in NYC, we combined my experience inside the organization with a full brand audit. We then put our findings to work. FiveStone created a comprehensive digital brand strategy and guide that included design, image, and voice standards. With this in place we rolled out a new website and digital assets to match.

To streamline Events and Marketing and further unify our global brand, I created templates for design assets, workbooks, and other content to be used by contractors and staff. I organized these in an online platform to be shared with departments and global offices, along with photography and video footage I had collected while traveling with the organization in my secondary role as a photojournalist.

My 8+ year career with this organization sadly came to an end when the founder passed away. The organization has since closed its doors after 40+ years of ministry and humanitarian work. I cherish the friendships and experience I gained designing, traveling the world, and taking pictures.

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