Table Hoopz

Brand Design
Visual Identity
Digital Design
Web Design

A fun and exciting new table game, a young and vibrant brand. Table Hoopz had an awesome new product and a logo, but needed a website and a brand. I expanded on the logo sketch they already had, digitally illustrating and pulling colors from it to develop an overall look + feel, as well as a standardized color palette. I chose a font that felt like it would fit on the back of a jersey and wrote in a voice strait from the game itself, building a brand identity that could speak to the heart of every young fan.

The site was built from the bottom up using Webflow which allowed for some eye catching animation, creating an experience that will keep a twelve year old's attention at bay and even engage their parents. With a formalized brand and fun website, Table Hoopz will be ready to launch not only their product, but their business.

Check them out at to pre-order a table or shop some rad merch!

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